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Mistress Lady Anja Fetishlady, Findomme and Dominatrix


Latex addiction

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Lady-Anja 3:13 min. ONLY 399 Coins √
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You can’t deny it: You are completely addicted to me wearing latex. Especially when I fuck your brain with my hot latex outfit. Well my little jerker: every time you see me all of your **** flows down into your penis. A lot of **** and that lets your brain lack of oxygen. So, while jerking off you won’t be able to think normal. But it looks like you don’t really like thinking – at least not with your brain. So, you prefer your dick does the thinking for you because that’s a lot of fun. I know exactly which button I have to push, to switch off your brain. You may read this explanation, but it won’t be any help for you because your brain is empty when you see me walking around in my sexy pink outfit. Your dick has absorbed everything I said, and I can do whatever I want. In this clip you can watch me in slow motion in a sexy latex dress. I know that you don’t have to watch the whole clip before you cum but enjoy your brainless time. Increase your addiction for me.

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