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Mistress Lady Anja Fetishlady, Findomme and Dominatrix


Sporty Brainfuck

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Today I’m going to show you why I have such a great body. Sporty but sexy! Yes exactly, you’re going crazy even if I’m only doing the easiest exercises you can imagine. That shows once again why working out is so important. Some unusual brain fuck for your miserable slave brain. Who knows, maybe I can encourage you to do some exercise, too. Not just your arms and fingers. I would not care at all if you my slave are not able to stroke anymore but I think you wouldn’t enjoy it. You are now allowed to watch me in a sexy and sporty outfit. Stretching, a few exercises and maybe you will even see my string. But that’s not really what you care about, right? The only thing you can think about right now is how it would feel to lay in bed with me…

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