Addicted to latex and oil

Addicted to latex and oil
Duration: 3:42
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09.07.2018 - 17:33
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It must be an unbelievable and lush feeling to adore the most beautiful and gorgeous mistress on earth – namely ME – wearing latex clothes. I made sure my latex dress is shining as it never did before. I love to wear such skinny latex, when it snuggles to my sexy body and I am fucking your brain, my little slave. You are addicted in admiring and adoring me. Do you love this special sound, this squeaky noise it makes, when you touch latex with your hands? Or when you pull it? That is what you hear in this video. A lot of randy latex-sounds. Exactly what your eyes and ears deserve, you little addicted cunt. So, treat yourself to watch this video and adore your one and only latex-mistress.

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