Fuck you!

Fuck you!
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My opinion of you in a few different scenes! Yes, you will see repeatedly what your mistress is thinking of you. Every time of the day and in every situation, you will be able to see it. I can’t make it any more obvious that you are a slave. When I start thinking of you I always think the same: Loser, slave, failure.

I’m always going to show you my middle finger and the “loser symbol”. The fuck finger shows what you can do for me and the loser symbol shows what I think of you. Both are signs you should understand, slave. Because as a slave you are not worth anything to me.

No matter what time or in whatever situation there is no escape for you. You will always be the slave, the failure, the jerker. I really enjoy it to show you in every situation what I think of you. No matter if I’m shopping, enjoying a cup of coffee with a friend or while breakfast or dinner. There are only two signs I want to show you: the fuck finger and the loser symbol.

Every time when you see one of these symbols you are supposed to think of me, your one and only mistress. You are supposed to get horny and don’t think of anything else. That’s why I show you these symbols repeatedly. Every time you see one of those symbols you say to yourself: that’s the symbol my mistress has for me. The mistress who owns me.

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