Painting my toe nails

Painting my toe nails
Duration: 5:21
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08.07.2018 - 16:05
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You little drooling foot fetishist are allowed to watch me paint my toe nails today. Your allowed to watch and learn how it’s done nicely. While learning you will get countless looks at my perfect feet. But that makes my foot slave horny again and you won’t be able to learn. Your little slave dick gets hard and your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen to keep working. So, you will have to watch this clip again and again until you know how you have to treat the toe nails of your mistress. Because the welfare of your mistress is way more important than your slave dick. All you wish for is to be close to your mistress’s feet and kiss them. Because obviously for every mistake that you make during the treatment you will get punished. You should be willing to do everything for your mistress’s feet. With your hands with your mouth and even with your tongue.

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