THAT'S what I think about you

THAT'S what I think about you
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09.07.2018 - 18:30
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In this clip I’m going to show you what I think about you. For better understanding I will tell your 3 brain cells exactly what it means. The sign language is well known. The index finger symbolizes the power over my slaves. If it points to the ground every well-trained slave must get down on his knees. If the finger points on the shoes it’s a sign to clean the shoes of the mistress. If the finger is on my lips, it means for the slave to shut up. I present you my middle finger in every possible situation to show you exactly what I’m thinking of you my slave. You’re nothing more than a slave for me. No matter what I’m doing. While enjoying a ****, having breakfast, or taking a shower, my middle finger is always addressed to you.

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