Sexy Heels-Walk

Sexy Heels-Walk
Duration: 2:26
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09.07.2018 - 13:20
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Watch me do a sexy heel walk on a stone staircase. You can walk behind me and admire my body. But you’re not allowed to drool. There is a special treat for all my shoe fetishists: buffalo high heels! Those precious shoes with a spiked heel are made from black leather. An absolute eye-catcher because they seem to be perfect for my sexy walk. Because this walk takes place on a stairway you don’t even need to kneel in front of me to admire my shoes. The sexy outfit I’m wearing compliments my precious shoes perfectly. I don’t need to stress that both things look like they were made just for me. And the fact that I’m walking up the stairs makes you recognize butt even more… The shiny look of the material and the movement of my butt shows once again why I’m the goddess over your pathetic life. Because I have **** of a heart for my slaves you can see three different fetishes in this clip. My foot fetishists can admire my long straight and soft legs, the ass fetishists may get a look at my perfectly formed butt and my undergarment. As a latex fetishist you will get aroused this much that you can’t do anything else but start to jerk off.

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