Shoe Dangling - Buffalo Glitter Pumps on my feet

Shoe Dangling - Buffalo Glitter Pumps on my feet
Duration: 5:44
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19.01.2019 - 13:12
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Does shoe dangling make you nervous? You love it when I wear high heels on my perfect feet. Today you are allowed to watch a shoe dangling in this foot video. This dangling with pumps on my toe makes you horny. As my little foot fetishist you could watch me all day.

During the dangling I wear a tight and short leather dress. This will attract your attention immediately, because it emphasizes my beautiful legs. The only real place to admire me is the floor.

What do you think while you watching me dangling and admiring my feet? Of course, you would like to kiss or lick my feet. After all, those are the things a submissive foot slave like you likes to do. Maybe this dream of a foot kiss will come true someday?

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