Kneel down – Loserporn December

Kneel down – Loserporn December
Duration: 6:21
Online since:
03.12.2018 - 09:55
Only 5000 Coins √

You can hardly wait until the new month, just because you can buy a new loserporn from me. You have to buy the loser tax every month while you are on your knees.

I’m wearing tight leather clothes. You really want to kiss my leather boots, when you see me wearing them and of course you would like to jerk off. But did you deserve it? My chastity boys will have problems, because my teasing is very hot again. But that’s no problem! I like to see my slaves suffer.

Be sure you have ALL loserporn/losertax clips from me this year. It’s your duty to buy all of them. Don’t disappoint me!

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