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Show me your devotion by using these tribute possibilities! You want to be a good boy, a weak financial slave? Then keep spending and pay for the one and only money mistress! Spoil me! There is always a reason to spend money to findomme. Pay, if you know, that I am doing good work with my femdom and findom clips. You owe me some money? Send tribute, too! You were a bad slave and made mistakes? Open your wallet and put the money at your goddess's feet, paypig! Spending some tribute is always a good possibility to get more of my attention. Try it, pay slave!

Buy something from my Amazon Wishlist or send vouchers

I'm addicted to shoes and shiny clothes! You will fulfill my wishes as my good slave. The gifts will be automatically sent to me, if you buy something from my wishlist. If you want to send me an Amazon voucher, use my email address:



Coins, Tribut senden an
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