Online Slavery and Online Domination

The reasons could not be more different and complex, but who wants to live his submissive fantasies and fetishes as a slave, needs a mistress or lady. Whether you prefer to be trained as a slave in real life or online. What advantages offers online enslavement for the slave and the mistress? What should you watch out for if you want to be enslaved online?

Basic Rules for Online Slaves

No matter whether you are enslaved online or real, some basic rules must always be observed by the slave:


- Punctuality at agreed appointments

- Respect of the mistress

- Each session is started and ended by the mistress

- Patience when the mistress does not have time

- The slave pays tributes for the work of the mistress

- The slave has to thank the mistress for each session

- Of course, I will also set up more own and individual rules for each salve. There are also punishments for misbehavior. The slave needs to proof the execution of tasks, self-punishment and punishments for example by taking pictures.


Some advantages of online enslavement are:


- Anonymity, if wished for

- Security against abuse

- No or only minor obligations

- Locally independent and temporally highly flexible

- First contact with the BDSM fetish

Enslavement online or real?

Whether a slave wants to deliver himself online or in the real life to his mistress is first and foremost a question of personal possibilities and how the slave has behaved so far towards his mistress. I offer both types of play and start the enslavement with online domination, and then later go to real domination and real sessions. For a complete and absolute enslavement, it is not necessary to have real contact for. Anyone who is as good as me and can engage individually with the slave knows which buttons must be pressed to make the experience very intense. The advantage of online domination is that the distance between mistress and slave does not matter, because the domination is online via chat by messenger, cam or mobile phone.

Exciting Sex Play with Online Domination

Not every submissive man dares to go to a real dominatrix.


Online slavery is an alternative!


Online slavery can be very exciting for the slave and the mistress. Men in relationships like to be enslaved online if their partner does not fulfill the wishes that they have. Also, found in online slavery are men who are very dominant in life.

The reasons for submitting to a mistress are not always sexual. Some slaves want to solve some personal problems or compensate private stress.

Motivations of the Mistress

Also, a mistress has different reasons why she offers online domination. I have my own fetish, my own pleasure in the first place. I really enjoy having the power and control over other people and I can live them excessively. Of course, the financial aspect is not completely irrelevant, because an excellent service needs to be paid. All in all, I would describe my own feelings like this: I find it sexually, mentally and emotionally attractive to gain control over people like slaves and devotees.

Processes and Specials in Online Domination

- Physical punishments by me are possible in online domination but must be performed by the slave to himself and be documented or proven via webcam or pictures. That means, the slave must punish himself (e.g. with hot wax, clothespins, and many other possibilities.


- Regularly, the slave must do tasks for me and document them with photos, SMS, WhatsApp messages or via webcam.


- As the mistress, I can impose certain bondage tasks for the slave, which he must wear and endure for a certain time. The slave must also show this self-bondage in order to prove the correct execution.


- I do also love verbally punishments and humiliation.  This does not necessarily imply a wrongdoing.


Especially in the online domination, it is important that desires, goals and taboos with the slave are discussed regularly (maybe even after each session), so that both sides know what is going on. Not like in real slavery, communication is very important here, as I usually do not see the slave and cannot respond to the signs he gives like in a real session.

Money Slave - The special Form

The money slave is satisfied by providing his money this happens without any type of reward.

Within online education, the money slave, also known as Pay Pig or ATM, plays a special role. There is basically no reward for that. Of course, a good money slave gets more attention than one who only talks about it without giving. But this slavery cannot be seen as a rip off of the slaves, because they get satisfied from the paying. I also offer financial plans for slaves to control their expenses. Full bank account control is also possible. So, there are countless possibilities even in money slavery. Starting with an "occasional giving" into the complete self-abandonment and complete loss of control over their own finances anything is possible.

There are endless kinds of Money Slavery

- Simple money slave: monthly payments to me


- Loan payers or promissory slaves - the slave takes real some debts and larger payments (rather unusual, because it makes the impression mistress needed the money). Mostly promissory notes are real debts for fictitious payments, which have not taken place, but the slave repays a monthly debt.


- Blackmail slave - the slave is z. B. with private data or compromising photos blackmail, he has previously made available to me in a blackmail contract. He is thus exposed to the arbitrary demands for money and tasks by me.


- Property - I receive the authority over all bank accounts of the slave and manage his expenses. The most extreme form of this is that his income goes directly to my bank account of me and I pay the slave a small pocket money


But it must be said that money slaves are only a small amount of slaves.

What do I look for in a slave?

New slaves should convince me with their first message. A "hi, how are you?" is just inappropriate. The slave should be respectful and always polite. That’s the only way for him to have a chance. Also, mass messages, in which only the name of the mistress is changed are inappropriate, because I usually recognize this immediately. If the slave does not show his commitment to introduce himself, he probably will not show any commitment in the further slavery.

What should a slave pay attention to when choosing his mistress?

I e.g. have my website where everything takes place. Webcam-chat, messages, fetish videos and pictures and everything else needed for the slavery. The design of my website is very personal and with a high degree of professionality to offer a great experience.


The fact that I have hundreds of videos on my site and that you can see me live on the webcam should be proof enough that I am not fake.


No matter what **** of slavery you choose, it is important to tell your desires, fetishes and taboos in order to get a long, trusty relationship with me. It is much more interesting and exciting to have a relationship with me than to have many sessions with different mistresses. Because trust is the most important thing in every relationship, even in fetish. The Slavery is a process that can only be reached and built up over a long time, with tasks, punishments, and sacrifices.

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