Live cam education- facts and information

You wanna get the privilege of seeing me right in front of your web cam , dominating and humiliating you? Let's take things further and expand the online education with an intense live fetish cam which binds you even more to me. But more about that later.

1.) For seeing my live cam you need to have Adobe Flash. Please check before, if you have the latest one installed on your computer. You can download the newest version right here. Flash isn't necessary on mobile devices

2.) My cam is also running mobile with your phone or tablet including voice and hd quality. The requirement for that would be a 3G-connection or more to provide a constant working live cam picture on your screen

3.) I stream in HD, which means high definition quality

4.) Please put on your speakers ! I'm streaming with voice function ! Basically i'm always streaming with voice function, so that you can listen to my dominant and at the same time sensual voice to follow my commands.

5.) The chat is private so only you and I can read our messages and no one else !

6.) In the time you are praying to me, all text messages are free for you

7.) Additionally you have the choice for putting on your webcam (cam2cam). At private sessions we can also talk privately to each other

8.) My domina webcam is online, if you see on the left navigation column an "open cam" button. Furthermore you see it also in my integrated messenger, if my live cam is active.

9.) If you wanna enjoy my live cam education privately outside my usual cam times you can book an exclusive live cam session. I will be focussed completly on you.

Questions and Answers

Many people who never enjoyed my webcam have often several questions. I try to answer the most important ones right away.

1.) At what time do I stream with my fetish live cam ?

Normally to those times when I'm active in my messenger. In the evening starting from 9pm to 0am. By arrangement, I can also be online during the day for a web cam education.

2.) What can I expect during a live cam session ?

I don't treat any of my slaves the same. Everyone is different and has other preferences, tendencies and no goes that he wants to be real or not. I'm open for that and adapt this into my live cam education so it suits you.

3.) Web cam education by mistress Anja - Once caught always caught ?

Even if it worries you I gonna make it clear: A definite yes ! Once you had the pleasure of being able to  feel my presence with live picture and sound, you never wanna go back and you are hooked forever. And you feel the constant urge to crawl back to my live cam.
But when you sit down and think about you will realize real quickly that there's nothing better that could happen to you, when the beautiful mistress Anja stepped in your life.

4.) Mistress webcam - What makes mine so special ?

We both know that I don't have to mention that. You wouldn't have gotten this far if i hadn't you under my spell already ! I'm real, I'm natural and not acting for any role. I am as I am and my mood is different from time to time and this makes me extremly authentic. My loyal web cam slaves really appreciate it,  I teach in my own unique way.
From a purely optical point of view I am an extreme treat that you wanna adore nice and long and which drive you nuts. My crispy body ensures that of course. I'm like sweet candy you can't eat ;) In cam sessions I like to show my dream body in wetlook, leather, latex or just in everyday outfits like a sexy jeans and put it best on screen.
So brainwash is preprogrammed if I play with you in my dominant but  seductive way at the same time. And of course there shouldn't be missing some nice high heels or boots. The whole package of myself is truely perfect and you will notice very soon.

5.) Are there rules for the domina web cam ?

Of course there are some certain rules for slaves who desire to use my web cam. It should be clear that the mistress gets treated with respect and that all of her commands are follwed to her fulliest satisfaction. This requires a decent amount of graditude and submission.

6.) Is cam education for free ?
Premium and luxury has always been worth its price.Therefore my unique cam education takes some coins to participate. But you pay only for the time you see me and of course you don't be part of any subcription or anything else. From time to time I do free web cam sessions which I announce in my newsletter on whats app. (If you wanna apply to recieve news on whats app just  go to your data and click for activation under 'My Data')

If I'm online with LiveCam, you'll see if the navigation button shows a "to chat" button and a large banner "webcam" appears! Also on my profile page, it is hard to miss!

You can also see it directly in the messenger, in which you can activate or open the cam function directly.

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