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Videos von Lady-Anja (120)

  • Shoe Dangling - Buffalo Glitter Pumps on my feet

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    Preis: 599 Coins
    Does shoe dangling make you nervous? You love it when I wear high heels on my perfect feet. Today you are allowed to watch a shoe dangling in this foot video. This dangling with pumps on my toe makes you horny. As my little foot fetishist you could watch me all day. During the dangling I wear a tight and short leather dress. This will attract your attention immediately, because it emphasizes my beautiful legs. The only real place to admire me is the floor. What do you think while you watching me dangling and admiring my feet? Of course, you would like to kiss or lick my feet. After all, those are the things a submissive foot slave like you likes to do. Maybe this dream of a foot kiss will come true someday?
  • Teasing Goddess

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    Preis: 1299 Coins
    You can never get enough of my amazing Teasing! It makes you forget everything around you. So, here I am again! Basically, you can jerk off while you watching me, but did you deserve it? You have the task to watch this amazing teasing clip twice before I let you cum. It won’t be easy because my sexy body and my sensual voice make you even hornier. Good luck, my wanker!
  • The Magic of Latex

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    Preis: 399 Coins
    A Latex dress on my body is always a reason to get horny, isn’t it? I’m wearing my favorite latex dress and rub it. You love the sound that it makes when I touch my sexy latex body. A little spanking on my sexy latex ass makes you even hornier. It's like a trigger that makes you my totally submissive possession. A little brainfuck clip for a little loser like you. Enjoy it!
  • Loser porn / Loser tax for January

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    Preis: 5000 Coins
    The old year ends and the new year begins with Me – Lady Anja. I’m always in your head and determine your actions. You appreciate that you always get my attention, loser. And how can you appreciate this? By paying the loser tax every month! It’s time again with this Loser porn clip. The tax for your pathetic existence must be paid. Do your duty, Loser! Worship me again and enjoy the teasing!
  • Underwater Ass and Legs Worship

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    Preis: 699 Coins
    You never can get enough of my ass and legs teasing. Today you gonna worship my sexy ass under water, my addict. I’m wearing a hot bikini. Am I going to take this off? Well, my ass shaking makes you even more addicted. Get it now, my wanker!
  • Go broke for my tits

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    Preis: 1499 Coins
    Kneel down to the perfect place for a loser like you! My body and my voice are adorable, especially my tits that make you more and more crazy. Look at these perfect tits and go broke for them! You would do everything to have a look at them, wouldn’t you? So, let’s try it. I know, you can’t resist. So, you will give me the amount of money I want. I will fuck your brain for so long that you can’t behave any differently, my walking wallet. You are my weak paypig and you know it. Once you have started this addiction, you can never finish it. It’s a very expensive addiction but it’s worth it. In any case, you will get a findom task, that you have to fulfill. Don’t disappoint me, paypig! When you completed your task(s), you may cum when I count down. That’s the only way to get a permission to cum, my addict.

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Fotoalben von Lady-Anja (470)

  • Daily Emotions

    21 Bilder
    Preis: 499 Coins
    Daily Emotions
  • Dream about me!

    41 Bilder
    Preis: 999 Coins
    Dream about me!
  • Mixed Brainfuck Pics

    38 Bilder
    Preis: 799 Coins
    Mixed Brainfuck Pics
  • Lady Anja in Latex Leggings

    37 Bilder
    Preis: 899 Coins
    Lady Anja in Latex Leggings
  • Bikini Worship!

    27 Bilder
    Preis: 699 Coins
    Bikini Worship!
  • Happy New Year, Slave!

    44 Bilder
    Preis: 999 Coins
    Happy New Year, Slave!

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