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Videos von Lady-Anja (140)

  • Loserporn November: Seductive, dominant, unique!

    Duration: 7:17 Minutes
    Price: 5000 Coins
    The payday is not the first thought that shoots you in the head when the month starts. No, my loser is full of anticipation, because at the beginning of the month there is always a new Loserporn! A loserporn that is irresistible, seductive, dominant and simply unique. Of course, the mistress wears a tight shiny wetlook dress, but only for a short time. This practical zipper on my wetlook dress should be tried out the same time. I know how much it fucks you when I play with my charms and make you bit by bit more willing and dependent. So, you can be sure that you will be brain-fucked incredibly hard and powerful again this time. Are not you dreaming of how to touch those tender red lips? What a pity that it will always be a dream for Loser, but a very beautiful one, is not it? I allow you dreams! So, watch your perfect dream clip now and let yourself fall!
  • Halloween Loserporn: Between Heaven and Hell

    Duration: 7:32 Minutes
    Price: 2499 Coins
    In this ingenious Halloween Special Loserporn you will feel like between heaven and hell. Many of my faithful loser see me as a devilish angel. They all become my perfect victims... sooner or later! My appearance may look nice and not scary, but my inner self comes to the fore when I devour submissive losers like you and that is pure satisfaction for me. My dominant style is unique and incomparable. Therefore, this Halloween clip is about me - an angel who is more devil. You switch back and forth between heaven and hell, are literally hypnotized by the music and my Teasing. You will hear the most important words and they will burn into your slave brain. I recommend you to watch this clip in a quiet minute. Make sure that you are alone and can not distract you. Eliminate all annoying devices and let this very special Lady Anja Halloween spell work on you.
  • Pink Shiny Leggings Teasing

    Duration: 1:28 Minutes
    Price: 399 Coins
    Just a little Teasing for my shiny leggings addicts! I'm wearing a pink tight shiny pants and show you cameltoe and my perfect ass. Enjoy it, loser!
  • Loserporn October: The vicious cycle

    Duration: 5:59 Minutes
    Price: 5000 Coins
    Another Loserporn clip that you will definitely enjoy, Loser. It is your destiny to serve me, to worship me daily and it is inevitable that you will take any trouble to offer the mistress a beautiful life. This is again an irresistible teasing clip. I wear a skin-tight mini dress, go up and down ... you already know, up and down, do not you, Loser? You are torn between your "real" life, which by the way would be worthless without me and life as a slave. It is a vicious cycle, because you want and have to serve me unconditionally ... physically, mentally and financially. You are in a hopeless situation, Loser. There will not be a way back to a normal life because you are and will remain my slave! So get your monthly loserporn now and pay the loser tax. A tax which every miserable loser of the mistress has to pay each month.
  • Loserporn September – In love with Overknees

    Duration: 5:43 Minutes
    Price: 5000 Coins
    You just have to look at the preview pic and you’re mine. That’s moment that makes you a hopelessly addicted puppet. You love my sexy outfit and most of all, this woman fucks your loser brain. It’s time for paying the next loserporn and that’s exactly what you want. You really want to watch this hot video of the perfect goddess, you idolize. These Overknees fit perfectly with this hot wetlook bikini, which really brings out my divine breasts, doesn’t it? Most of all, you want to jump through the PC to me. You want to adore and serve me. Do your duty and watch this perfect loserporn now!
  • Bratty Bikini Chastity Tease

    Duration: 6:01 Minutes
    Price: 799 Coins
    Are you wearing a chastity belt, loser? Fine! I’m gonna tease you today until you beg me to stop. You will suffer because there is no room for your hard loser cock in this tight chastity belt. My hot shiny bikini on my body makes you even more horny and of course my sensual voice. Don’t open your chastity belt! You know, that you need my permission to open it. But for now, I want you to suffer for me! You are my chastity slave as long as I want! I have a surprise for you at the end of this wonderful clip! Look forward to it. 😉

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Fotoalben von Lady-Anja (542)

  • Itīs allowed to admire me

    32 Pictures
    Price: 999 Coins
    Itīs allowed to admire me
  • YOU are MY loser!

    21 Pictures
    Price: 699 Coins
    YOU are MY loser!
  • For Assaholics! Pure brainfuck

    36 Pictures
    Price: 1399 Coins
    For Assaholics! Pure brainfuck
  • Devil - Angel

    53 Pictures
    Price: 799 Coins
    Devil - Angel
  • Dark Devil

    82 Pictures
    Price: 1599 Coins
    Dark Devil
  • Happy Halloween

    68 Pictures
    Price: 1299 Coins
    Happy Halloween

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