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Videos von Lady-Anja (144)

  • Lady Anja Loserporn January: The best start to the new year

    Duration: 6:35 Minutes
    Price: 5000 Coins
    Did you get through New Year's Eve well, loser? Anyway, it will only be really good with me, your one and only Lady Anja. This is exactly why your resolutions for the new year are very clear: become a better slave and to buy my Loserporn clip every month. This time again you will be brainfucked with my hot curves and my dominant, captivating look and therefore with my distinctive eyes. Once again you realize you can, want and will not resist this charm, slave! My eyes hypnotize you, my tits make you incredibly horny and therefore much weaker. The new year starts extremely well! Get the next Lady Anja brain fuck!
  • All you want for Xmas Loserporn

    Duration: 5:46 Minutes
    Price: 1999 Coins
    At Christmas time I have a very special Loserporn for you! You can admire me today in my shiny golden trousers that nestle like a second skin on my divine ass. You have never been able to resist my butt and my breasts and it will be so now again. Your bells will ring again. Prepare yourself for a divine teasing, which will not only sweeten the Christmas season, but also make it an absolute highlight. Imagine a bowl under your slave's face, because you will constantly drool while you watch this Brainfuck clip. Luckily for you, this loser porn is also particularly cheap, so take the chance as long as I am gracious!
  • JOI & Teasing Game: If you cum, you pay

    Duration: 5:20 Minutes
    Price: 699 Coins
    Just a simple game for you, my little wanker. You know, you have no other choice to try it! No matter what I’m going to do, don’t try to cum! That sounds easy, but it’s not! I’m going to drive you crazy with a teasing, which makes you very horny. If you lose this little game, you have to pay $100. Can you manage it? Give it a try, my addict!
  • Brainfuck Loserporn December – Shiny Leggings Worship

    Duration: 5:40 Minutes
    Price: 5000 Coins
    New month, new dope for my addicts! Especially hot for the cold month. You see me in my favorite outfit: Shiny tight leggings and shiny top with a beautiful view on my tits. Even you, little addicted cunt, love to admire me in this adorable fetish outfit. That’s why you want this loserporn even more. Do you just want to lie under this latex ass? Once to be able to feel this luxury ass in your fucking face. What a beautiful dream. These close-ups of my gorgeous ass and breasts make you especially weak and horny. Cameltoe in these pants doesn’t make it any better. How many times will you cum while watching this hot clip? Comment bellow and tell me how many times you ejaculated.
  • Loserporn November: Seductive, dominant, unique!

    Duration: 7:17 Minutes
    Price: 5000 Coins
    The payday is not the first thought that shoots you in the head when the month starts. No, my loser is full of anticipation, because at the beginning of the month there is always a new Loserporn! A loserporn that is irresistible, seductive, dominant and simply unique. Of course, the mistress wears a tight shiny wetlook dress, but only for a short time. This practical zipper on my wetlook dress should be tried out the same time. I know how much it fucks you when I play with my charms and make you bit by bit more willing and dependent. So, you can be sure that you will be brain-fucked incredibly hard and powerful again this time. Are not you dreaming of how to touch those tender red lips? What a pity that it will always be a dream for Loser, but a very beautiful one, is not it? I allow you dreams! So, watch your perfect dream clip now and let yourself fall!
  • Halloween Loserporn: Between Heaven and Hell

    Duration: 7:32 Minutes
    Price: 2499 Coins
    In this ingenious Halloween Special Loserporn you will feel like between heaven and hell. Many of my faithful loser see me as a devilish angel. They all become my perfect victims... sooner or later! My appearance may look nice and not scary, but my inner self comes to the fore when I devour submissive losers like you and that is pure satisfaction for me. My dominant style is unique and incomparable. Therefore, this Halloween clip is about me - an angel who is more devil. You switch back and forth between heaven and hell, are literally hypnotized by the music and my Teasing. You will hear the most important words and they will burn into your slave brain. I recommend you to watch this clip in a quiet minute. Make sure that you are alone and can not distract you. Eliminate all annoying devices and let this very special Lady Anja Halloween spell work on you.

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Fotoalben von Lady-Anja (559)

  • Wetlook dress worship

    28 Pictures
    Price: 749 Coins
    Wetlook dress worship
  • You are absolutely addicted to me

    77 Pictures
    Price: 2099 Coins
    You are absolutely addicted to me
  • Irresistible in silver

    34 Pictures
    Price: 899 Coins
    Irresistible in silver
  • Under my heels

    15 Pictures
    Price: 799 Coins
    Under my heels
  • You are a dreamer ...

    46 Pictures
    Price: 1299 Coins
    You are a dreamer ...
  • Red bikini posing

    55 Pictures
    Price: 1299 Coins
    Red bikini posing

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